Royal Heritage Festival | Quick essentials

Royal Heritage Festival | Quick essentials

Royal Heritage Festival – the biggest music event in Venda – kicks off with a pre-party this Friday, 9 September at Khoroni Hotel and the official festival will be on Saturday the 10th. You probably have your tickets by now and can’t contain the excitement. To make sure you have the best time, don’t forget these festival essentials.

killer outfit is obviously a given. Be sure to dress for the occasion and location. Remember, the event will be at Royal Gardens, right by Nandoni Dam and Spring is in full bloom. Well if we’re being honest, Spring doesn’t really exist in Venda; it’s mini summer. Make sure your clothes are airy enough for you to stay fresh as you dance all day and all night long to your favourite musicians.

Comfortable Shoes: The Festival starts at 10am and only ends at 6am the following day. You want to be as comfortable as possible.

Sunglasses are the ultimate festival accessory. Beyond being an accessory, if you plan on getting there earlier to avoid the mess that will be at the entrance when the larger crowd arrives, you are gonna need sunglasses to protect your eyes from the sun and of course, to look cool.

Make sure your cellphone is fully charged. You’re gonna be there for hours on end. The last thing you want is your phone dying while you’re trying to link up with your friend or worse, trying to take a picture with your favourite artist. You can also save your battery by switching off mobile data when you’re not using it. Thanks to technology, there’s also the option of portable chargers. Make sure it’s also fully charged.

Lather on as much sunscreen as possible and take it with you to reapply throughout the day. Your skin will thank you for it; we all know how violent the Venda sun is.

Luckily cooler boxes are allowed so be sure to fill them up . Don’t be shy when buying that booze. Buy as much of it as you can. Make sure you buy cans cause bottles will not be allowed. I’ve seen many people getting into fights with security guards over this small technicality. PRO TIP: Don’t wait till you’re on your way to the festival to stock up. If possible, buy your alcohol on Friday. Most stores around town are probably gonna run out of your favourite alcohol and ice on the day. After all, the festival is expecting between 15 000 – 21 000 people this year (more than 20 000 people attended last year) and best believe most of them love alcohol as much as you do 😉

For those who still don’t have tickets, you can get them at Computicket for R180 or pay R200 at the door. VIP is R950. Remember, the pre-party is free for main event ticket holders.

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