Qiniso Van Damme’s Beauty Secrets

Qiniso Van Damme’s Beauty Secrets

For Qiniso Van Damme, keeping her skin and hair looking amazing is vital. As a model and actress, committing to a skincare routine is not only important to keep her skin glowing and healthy but is also pays; beauty is a commodity in the industry she works in.

From white eyeliner, to sunscreen, and gel mascara, Qiniso shares her beauty regimen, products she can’t live without, and some valuable beauty and makeup tricks and tips.

What is your ultimate beauty rule to live by?

Qiniso: Sunscreen is my beauty rule number one- not only does it keep the skin cancer caused by UV rays at bay, but it ensures that your acne marks do not become permanent and that they do not darken. It also keeps your skin from being damaged by the sun and become dehydrated and leathery. Best tip from my dermatologist- put on some sunscreen, at least SPF 30 on your face before you start your makeup routine, or buy a face cream with sunscreen in it.

What is your daily skincare regimen?

Qiniso: I love Body Shop skin care products. They are natural and smell so good and there are always good specials at the store. So I wake up, wash my face with the Body Shop Drops of Light face wash, then apply my Body Shop Vitamin E cream which helps heal and erase scars (I use it even though I don’t have bad acne anymore because it plumps up my skin and makes it so deliciously smooth) It also has SPF 30 in it so I don’t have to put on any separate sunscreens. After that I put two drops of the Body Shop Drops of Light oil on and my skin is ready for any shoot I have that day or any makeup I want to put on for a day on campus at university.

Do you have any bad beauty habits?

Qiniso: Sometimes on a late night out I’ll come home and forget to wash my face. This is so so bad because the face needs a break afterwards full day of makeup.

How do you keep your hair looking its best?

Qiniso: I love natural products. So I use a Peppermint oil and Shea butter conditioner after I use an egg shampoo and I comb it through my hair when it is wet. I never comb my Afro when it is dry to avoid breakage.

Grooming/skincare products you can’t live without?

Qiniso: If I don’t have face cream on, I feel like I haven’t woken up yet- my face feels so tight and dry which annoys me so much. I LOVE FACE CREAM.

“I never comb my Afro when it is dry to avoid breakage.”


Make-up products you can’t live without?

Qiniso: My black MAC retractable eye liner. I use it to line and fill my eyebrows and line my upper eye lids. And my transparent Essence gel mascara. I use this to comb my lined and filled eyebrows into place and give my eyelashes a natural looking curl and lift. These two give me beauty enhancement for a casual day look on campus or for a casting.

Do you have any quick-fix beauty tricks you rely on to get gorgeous in a flash?

Qiniso: A beautiful nude lipstick looks good no matter what and takes you from a ‘home’ look to a ‘out-and-about-town’ look in a flash.

What make-up tips have you picked up as a model?

Qiniso: White eyeliner is the best illusion invented. It opens up your eyes if you line your bottom lid and inner corners. And it’s cheap! You can find it at Essence for under R20 – how fab?

What beauty advice would you give to your younger self?

Qiniso: When you’re in the shower, washing your face, don’t quickly put that face wash on and wash it off. My dermatologist said that you should use you face wash like you use conditioner. Lather it, put it on, let it sit for a minute or two whilst you do all the other things you need to in the shower, then massage your face and rinse it off and all those things listed on the package of the face wash said to be a benefit of its use will truly be yours.



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