Mooncup Review

Mooncup Review

Late last year as I was going through the monthly routine of complaining about the prices of sanitary products, especially tampons, I finally thought about the mooncup again for the first time since I first heard about it. The same time I swore I would never try it because eww.

As one does, I immediately went on to YouTube and started doing my research. Vlog after vlog, the reviewers were essentially saying the same thing which is: mooncups are the plug! The one thing I noted is that they all tried it when they were not on their period which made for a very uncomfortable insertion until they eventually used lube.

I planned on doing the same thing but my mooncup was only delivered today and I started my period last night. Needless to say, I had plenty of lubrication which made for some smooth sailing. I was surprisingly comfortable with getting all intimate with my vagina with all that blood in the mix.

The reviews I watched all say this is probably the hardest part for many but insist that you will get used to it and I think it’s safe to say that I’m already over that. Or am I?

Speaking of reviews, even though I watched so many of them and they were all positive, I wasn’t totally convinced at first. I needed someone I knew, someone whose opinion I trusted to share their experience so I asked people on Facebook. Fatima and Pheladi were kind of enough to answer my questions and just like that I was sold and here we are!

I didn’t really get a chance to try it out and get used to it before going out in public. I was running late (am I ever on time?) for a film screening so I had to head out the house shortly after inserting it. As much as it wasn’t uncomfortable I didn’t feel secure so I took tampons and extra liners with me.

See, you’re supposed to fold it, hold it firmly with your thumb and finger, gently insert it into your vagina then it opens up once inside, and it apparently forms a light seal with the vaginal wall. I was paranoid because I wasn’t sure mine opened up and there was no way of knowing (trust me, I tried).

Unlike tampons which need to be pushed as high up into your vagina as possible, the cup needs to sit as low as comfortable while the stem at the bottom – which is used to remove it – needs to be right by the entrance. This is probably why I could sort of feel the blood flow. If you’ve ever used tampons then you know that the only time you feel the blood flow is when your tampon is full so I was a bit paranoid.

When I finally got home, I noticed a bit of sporting on my liner so I figured I must have inserted it incorrectly and immediately removed and emptied it. This was the most interesting part for me. Seeing the blood in its unaltered form just chilling in the cup was something else. What bothered me, however, was the fact that I’d already filled a quarter of the cup in just two hours *cries in heavy flow* Granted, this is the heaviest day in my cycle but I’m kind of worried about how long I can wear it for.

The box says it holds up to 3x the fluid of an average tampon or pad. That should be between 8-12 hours, no?

Anyway, I washed it and inserted it again. Let’s see what happens tonight and tomorrow at work. Hopefully that update won’t be nearly as long as this one.


Feature image: Amanda Ruiz

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