The Mizo Phyll Album: As consistent as the north star

The Mizo Phyll Album: As consistent as the north star

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Considering the extent to which Mizo Phyll parades his gift of versatility on his self-titled album, the use of the word consistency in reference to his latest project may seem uncanny. The Mizo Phyll Album, released on November 10th 2017, is a sonically rich concoction of Afrobeat, Dancehall, Hiphop, and Trap music, which the artist binds together through a skillful vocal flexibility that is audible throughout the seventeen-track project.

Mizo Phyll is regarded as one of the most prominent artists from Limpopo and whilst music performed in Tshivenda is yet to occupy the space it deserves in mainstream South African music, one cannot overlook the potential that songs from this project have to gain mass appeal. Among the artist’s noteworthy musical traits are his ability to transition between different styles of delivery and his ability to do this impressively in multiple languages. Even listeners who do not understand Tshivenda will notice, with great admiration, the ease with which the language seems to slide off of his tongue and how the quality of his delivery is maintained as he shifts back and forth between different languages and styles.

The Mizo Phyll album was produced by ‘Faceless’ (Bongani Mpofu) and Brian Beatz of Strange Medley Music group as well as Adroit Beats. Despite being put together by multiple producers, each of the musical works are undoubtedly bound by their ambience. The production work on this record has an international feel and is best described as an experimental fusion of Hip-hop and elements of other music genres. Also apparent on the album is Mizo Phyll’s reverence for God which he expresses in songs on a wide variety of topics including self-love (All Hail), losing a loved one to a man with more money (Ni do vhuya) and even the passage of Time and the importance of making use of it wisely.

The response to The Mizo Phyll album has already been overwhelmingly positive as seen through its top rank among newly released albums in the Hip-hop category on iTunes and Google Play. Mizo Phyll’s musical consistency and persistence which spans a decade is an outgrowth of his grounded nature and the release of his new album is not only testament to his superior vocal and lyrical prowess but it is a sign that this star from the north has found his north star.

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