Listen | Mizo Phyll – Muthu Wangu

Listen | Mizo Phyll – Muthu Wangu

Muthu Wangu was released in 2010 and six years later it still goes in. While the song blends hip hop and a bit of reggae, the title is a fusion of Tshivenda and Shona and shows off Mizo Phyll‘s knack for wordplay. Muthu means person in Tshivenda and Wangu is ‘my’ in Shona (it would be wanga in Tshivenda). Muthu Wangu literally translates to “my person”.

The anticipation of the album launch made me dig up this old time favourite and I can’t help but wonder if he’ll ever be able to surpass the success of the song. Young and old people alike were instantly hooked; even some people I met who don’t understand a word of Tshivenda and have no clue what he is on about couldn’t help but love it.

Listen to the song below:

Producer: RABS
Recorded at Masana Records
Mixed/Mastered by Faceless at Mambo studios
Executive Producer: Tshilidzi Ramulondi at Madhouse Entertainment

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